ConMac Laboratory Services specialises in rapid contract chemical and microbiological testing and analysis, and was established in 1993 by Mr. Brett Constable, Ms. Judith Constable and Mr. John Mackenzie. ConMac is a unit of Primary Industries Management Services Pty Ltd (A.C.N. 001 933 142), a family company owned by the founders of ConMac.  

The Company commenced operations in March 1993 in rented premises situated at Lochlarney St., Beenleigh. In 1996 ConMac moved to a new purpose built Laboratory constructed on land purchased by the parent company at 6 Glasson Drive, Bethania, about 30km south of Brisbane.

Traditionally the larger government laboratories that concentrate on high volume mainstream quality control and testing have dominated the market for contract analytical services. Rapid response time has often been a problem for customers who require daily monitoring of product manufacture, especially for small volume samples and specialised products.

ConMac has based its business on providing a timely and individualised service for all customers. This service is backed by TGA and NRA registration.

          TGA License No. 73387

          NRA License No. 6013

ConMac conducts contract testing for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, agricultural and veterinary industries.  A wide range of other services are also offered, such as method development, stability testing and environmental monitoring.  The laboratory features a wider range of specialized computer controlled equipment for high performance liquid chromatography, gas chromatography mass spectroscopy, and atomic absorption spectrophotometry.

ConMac is a 100% privately owned Australian company that can offer its customers the rapid and efficiency orientated service that is now demanded in the contract testing industry.